Reading articles in newspaper or on the Internet, listening the interviews, broadcasts or podcasts we usually hear that pornography teaches bad, incorrect sexual behaviours. Mostly causes that women are objectified and treated in a disparaging way.

Yes, we have to agree with that.

Most recordings, both from professional studios and amateur ones, are saturated with aggression and “lack of understanding” of sex pleasure. Going in that direction, the person who is watching such video, make himself believe that’s how a “good sex” looks like. A man meets a woman and after a few words, he stuffs his swollen penis into her throat, vagina or anus and for half an hour, starts to chop like a woodcutter chops wood in the forest. Despite everything there are a lot of viewers, who want to see something like that and masturbate for such scenes.

For many, it will remain a zone of unfulfilled fantasy, many will have the hots for it and encourage experimentation. There will also be those who, given the accuracy of the techniques used, will try to impress their partner in bed. In this moment, we could insist on the theory that the sexual education derived from pornography, will not have positive effects for such person.

The question is that, it is possible to learn through pornography and sexual films?

Yes, of course! If we take into account the fact, that there are MANY pornography viewers, as the statistics on pornographic sites show, then there is a huge transmission ratio toward educational opportunities. At this point, it is very important to show erotica as an intercourse of two people, with mutual respect and desire to give the moment of pleasure to another one. Remembering about the pleasure of yourself, of course. In this moment, erotic films which are oriented on this type of content, are called women’s pornography. However, this is another pigeon-holing and straying from the wonderful idea of education through pornography.

There are new creators, screenwriters and producers, who see the future of this kind of pornography… And we entirely agree with that!

Let’s imagine a video, in which you can hear the conversation between partners about what they like or not. The video, which shows foreplay, body and well-being’s respect. The video, where you can see the emotions, that not only fire a viewer but also bring him closer to the reality of sex life. All this is feasible, all of this can EDUCATE, how to find a pleasure for yourself and your partner, how to talk about sex, how to be open to new experiences, at the same time without going beyond your limits of well-being.

This area of sexual education is huge, with thousands ideas and the harvested yield, will taste like nothing else. Will taste of quality, naturalness, life, sex and love.

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