Sabrina is a young and very nice porn actress with the appearance of a teen, she is quickly conquering the porn industry. We had the pleasure of meeting her and her current partner near Alicante, Spain. We spent a few hours together talking about the adventures that happened to her in life and in the porn industry, at the same time devouring the Chinese food, which all four of us enjoyed with appetite. We were hosted in their apartment with a beautiful view ? Sabrina told us lot of stories but this one is her favourite:
“I met my current partner looking for a good camera and my best friend knew that he had one so he asked for it for a “skate” video. After quarantine I met my best friend and my future boyfriend came. We started talking about that I need a good camera to record and if he can inform me about it. Suddenly he stops and ask me: why do you need a camera?,
me: to record videos,
he: the videos of what?.
Suddenly my friend releases porn videos.
Fran (my bf name) suddenly said: ah!! From there I know you!
(He looked like a biggest horny pervert 🙂 )
Then he look it away and explained that a friend of his had told him about me
But the moment was very funny. “

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