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March 10, 2022Eurotrip #2 Mavka Nadish

We have another lockdown due to COVID. Therefore, we are not leaving Poland. Every cloud has a silver lining. This time: Polish couple who has been on PornHub for two months. Their nickname is “Mavka Nadish”. We first meet in Warsaw to get to know each other better, then we invite them to Poznań. Incredibly open, positive and intelligent people. They have a great idea for themselves, which gives them almost 700.000 views after just two months of working on PornHub. Originality is an understatement :), they make very individual and extraordinary recordings – check them out and see how they start their story with Porn. We have a great time talking and … having fun. You can check our collaborative video on Pornhub 🙂
With a smile on their face they look back to one adventure in the Swingers Club:
(…) We went with Michał to a swing club. We had a pleasant night there. In general, we felt the eyes of others on us then. At one point we split up, I went to the bathroom and Michał stayed upstairs. We were supposed to meet downstairs, I was waiting for him. After a while, he came and told me that he had been accosted by several people because they recognized us from PornHub. One guy said he was watching us with his girlfriend while masturbating. Another said that he could not decide whether he wanted to smoke weed or to jerk off. Michał answered: why don’t you do this and this at the same time;) That night a couple who had fun with our porn, every time we had sex, they immediately started doing it while looking at us 🙂 (…)


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