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Owiaks Couple, Yuli i Mateo w wywiadzie dla Glamour

Very knowledgeable interview with Marta Glance for Glamour.com. We talk about our beginnings, sex education and advice for other couples.

Mateo Owiak for K-MAG.com

Mateo Owiak’s article about love titled “Love is freedom, and freedom is the greatest test for love” was published on KMAG!

Owiaks Couple, Yuli i Mateo w wywiadzie dla Glamour

We were invited to the Millennium DOCS Against Gravity film festival, where we had the opportunity to meet fans and talk together with KMAG editor Agnieszka Sielańczyk about the film “Pornfluencers” by Josch Bongard.

Owiaks Couple, Yuli i Mateo w wywiadzie dla Glamour

At the Millenium DOCS Against Gravity film festival, we met Gazeta.pl lifestyle portal journalist Klaudia Kolasa, who conducted a very interesting interview with us.

The extreme side of a relationship

by Przemek Kossakowski in NEWONCE RADIOPORNO

Owiaks Couple


PORN – How do they do it?

Robert Ziębiński invited us for an interview which he placed in his book. The premiere of the book 27.01.2021. Thanks to Robert, we have been written in the pages in the history of the Polish porn industry.

A lightly written book about a heavy subject matter. PORNO is still a socially unaccepted industry, despite the fact that it is a huge and very diverse market. The reason for this is that we live in a prudish society soaked in hypocrisy. Robert Robert Ziębiński’s book brilliantly presents the porn industry and all the problems connected with stigmatisation of people connected with this business. If you want to broaden your knowledge, read interesting interviews with people connected with pornography and acquire the right to speak out on this subject, this is an item that must be on your bookshelf.

No shame – sex work in Poland

Our story was described in the book by Karolina Rogaska “Without shame – sex work in Poland”

What does the work of “sex workers” look like in Poland nowadays. What challenges and adventures do sex workers face on a daily basis? You can find the answers in the book by Karolina Rogaska “Without shame – sex work in Poland”

Agata Młynarska’s program “Without Taboo” on TVN Style and on player.pl
A very nice conversation about the industry and our history in the second part of the first episode of the 4th season of the “Bez Tabu” program

Stabilization of free people. Owiaks&Gazda – Podcast of Leonard Michalski

Another meeting with Leonard Michalski and his heroes. Conversations of people unplugged from the system and leading exciting free lives.


Guest appearances in the “Vagina and Penis Dialogues” podcast series


Our first interview
was with Olga Pejas
a lovely editor from the
If you want to know a bit about us, do not hesitate.

This time we told our story for the SYMPATIA portal.
Incredibly nice conversation and a very interesting write-up of our story after a year of operating in the PORNO industry.

Great interview prepared by Konrad Klimkiewicz

We highly recommend reading this interview – we talk openly about our life after a year and a half in the industry and about our plans and new projects!

The interview for the JoeMonster platform was conducted by a nice editor and traveler Jose Repetto.


We gave another interview to Krzysztof Michnicz, editor of the newspaper and the portal FAKT24.pl

Leonard Michalski’s podcast is a very interesting conversation on various topics, not only from the PORNO industry

We were invited to a podcast to Piotr Szumowski and Sebastian Rejent “Rejent and Szumowski at home on the stream” Funny, interesting and with a pinch of salt

WINI invited us for an interview while driving.

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