It seems that men are still ashamed to talk about their own sexuality and their limitations. Each man prefers to talk about what a stud he is and how many sexual experiences he has had. However, there is no denying that men still have very little awareness and knowledge about circumcision, vasectomy or one of the most common problems, which is premature ejaculation.

On the internet you will find many descriptions, topics on blogs and even YouTube recordings of doctors and other authorities. However, if you read or listen to how the solutions to the problem of premature ejaculation are communicated, you will immediately notice that 99% of them are sponsored articles or broadcasts. I know because I have been searching for a solution on the internet for a very long time. As I like to check everything first-hand, I went through all possible therapies and tried a lot of products and other gadgets delaying ejaculation. However, you will not find any product names on my website. This website was created on my own initiative and without sponsoring from pharmaceutical companies.

Why do I think I have the experience, knowledge, and ability to speak on this nothing less than embarrassing topic for men? Well, as a guy who has previously struggled with premature ejaculation, came after the first insertion, I have been where many guys, men are now. However, as a man who is a producer and actor in adult productions, I am now on the other side. In a word, I am a practitioner, not just a theorist of the struggle with premature ejaculation.

I have recorded a script for you in which I discuss my whole journey. There is nothing in the script that would be imposed on me, I created it myself and it is based solely on my experience. I did this because previously I could not find such a study anywhere, and visits to sexologists…did not work…

If you are curious how I managed to go from 30 seconds to as much as I want, I invite you to purchase the script. Along with the script, you also can have a free consultation with me via skype and ask me any questions that are bothering you.

Access to the script in the VOD tab

The same goes for circumcision – yes, I am a circumcised Pole

I have also had a vasectomy – if you have any questions write away.

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