A few days before the global lock down. We had a very prosperous advertising agency, and a plan to open a new branch in Spain. We went to Amsterdam with friends, returned to a rented apartment in Valencia and… COVID-19…

Economic reality turns out to be a science fiction film, everything that was stable and certain turns out to be fleeting and fragile. The accumulated financial resources are slowly being eaten up by everyday life costs.

In a nutshell – we had made the decision to enter the adult industry. We had no idea how it worked. You could say we were an average porn audience, occasionally browsing Pornhub for masturbation material. And that is pretty much all we had in common with the industry.

As a couple, we enjoyed recording our own bed games, so we decided to explore the topic of earning money from adult multimedia materials. In March 2020, we started collecting information and writing down all our activities. We decided to gather the widest possible experience in the porn industry so that we could pass on real knowledge based on our real life experiences.

This is how we started our adventure and market research, which, after a little over two years, led us to a place where we can share our knowledge and experience. An investment of money and over two years of life: that is a huge project. Saying that it paid off is like saying nothing. The experience we have gathered has led us to free ourselves from all the social patterns, it helped us become financially independent, free from external opinions, and it stabilized our self-esteem.

The industry, which is extremely socially unacceptable, allowed us to see people’s hypocrisy and lack of openness. There were voices of disapproval, however, our curiosity and belief that happiness is not in following the crowd, but in choosing our own path has led us to the place from which we write this text. Bali Island, 11/01/2023, passive income, work according to your own rhythm, no restrictions on the workplace (well, there is a matter of internet access, but we also found a simple solution for that), a glass of wine on the table, beautiful music in the background. Two independent happy people enjoying life – freedom.

We write down all our experiences and collect all the materials from over two years into one video script – from Yuli and Mateo! 

“How to turn amateur porn into a profitable business?” – you can be your own boss, you can build a passive income, you can earn over PLN 20,000 a month while enjoying life and working at your own pace. Yes, you can, it’s not that hard if you don’t succumb to the pressure and break out of line not to meet the expectations of others, but to be the ruler of your own fate.

We have paved the way and we want to share our knowledge and experience. We have created the Owiaks brand. Our story is already told in two books. The third one will soon hit the shelves of bookstores. Interviews with us have been posted on leading internet portals. Interviews, podcasts, it all came to us. Why? Probably because by breaking free from the system of false morality, we opened the eyes of many people to start taking control over their own lives, relationships and interpersonal relations. For those interested, please visit the “media about us” tab.

Thanks to entering the industry, we met wonderful, open-minded people, which is a value in itself.

We were looking for our way and gathering experience, so we checked working with webcams, production of films on request, recording for leading portals in the industry as independent producers, as well as the role of actors in a professional recording studio. Together with professionals from the film industry, we created our own professional recording. We tested various ideas, looked for new solutions and unusual productions in the porn industry itself. We analyzed all this and drew conclusions. We found a kind of golden mean. Amateur “professional” porn.

If you want to break free, find your way, earn good money working the way you want, with whom you want, how much you want, and where you want, then we have a solution for you based on theory, practice and hard-earned experience. We resigned from well-paid jobs, closed previous activities and from 2023 we focus only on the new, fascinating and profitable PORN industry!

Take advantage of our experience and become financially and life independent. All our experience, tips, examples – we will lead you by the hand so that you can enjoy the freedom and run a business on your own terms.

More in the “earn PLN 20,000/month” tab and at: www.owiaks.eu

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