We created our website and profile on PornHub during the coronavirus pandemic. During many hours of talks about sex or relationships, we came to the conclusion that there is no Polish couple who talk openly about sex, and they can show what they are talking about on recordings.

We will talk about our experiences and our own experiments. Maybe you will find something for yourself that you can use it in your life.

Our country is still very much set in both stereotypes – sexual and mental, in partnerships and marriages. That is why we planned the creation of this blog about sexuality in relationships. Why are we going to talk about relationships – because you can rarely make emotional contact during casual sex, and the lack of emotionality severely limits getting to know yourself and exploring your own sexuality (although we don’t say it’s impossible). We will talk about taboos, analyze stereotypes and present it all without wrapping it in a beautiful words and censorship. We will talk about seeking joy and pleasure in sex. We will show that anal sex can give a great pleasure and lead to amazing orgasms, and this is just a fraction for what we will present to you. We will raise sensitive topics, we will talk about fantasies in the way most people think about them, but they will not say because … it is not appropriate. We choose to do it because we see how hard it is to talk about sex and pleasure. Many people, thanks to us, looked differently at sexuality. We help them open up to pleasure and sexual experiences that they would never have chosen before. Our website and blog is mainly a description of our love of sex and the willingness to share our experience.

YES – we like sex, we like showing it and talking about it!

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