We started our adventure with amateur porn in March 2020. Our passion very quickly translated into recognition on the streets and not only in Poland but also abroad. After a year of work, we started to think about a more professional production. However, we didn’t want to take part in recordings of already operating professional studios, from which we received invitation from abroad. The power of attraction works so well that our thoughts attracted the team from Oversexed and together with them we decided to shoot the first professional pornographic production on our domestic market. Camera operators, sound engineers, lights – all this made a huge impression on us.
But the most important thing for us was to work together and have the same energy and vibe to act. We couldn’t have come at a better time – total understanding resulted in brilliant collaboration and an even better effect, which you can see on “My videos”.

A heated discussion has broken out! Have your say – watch and share your opinion on whether to stay in the amateur edition of our productions or to start thinking about the next professional productions?

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