Each of us is different and we all need something different in sex. It is wonderful to be open to experiences and have desire to please your partner. But how do you start exploring your sexuality? Verbally (and I am not speaking orally here 🙂 only verbally through a sincere conversation. You can’t be afraid of hurting your partner by presenting your fantasies to him. If you do not say them, you will not know if it is something that the other person also likes or at least accepts and will gladly give you this pleasure. If you do not say it, you will start to hurt yourself with unfulfilled fantasies and many years of frustration if such a relationship lasts for many years. Here the classic “guess!” doesn’t work. Well, because a guy with a dick will rarely guess what his partner with a pussy expects and vice versa, the same applies to homosexual couples – one will like when his penis breaks off, and the other when he is gently massaged. Talking about sex is the basis of a successful relationship, not talking about sex is an individual frustration and only a light in the tunnel – a light that is an opportunity to break up and not waste time with each other. You will probably ask, what about love? Then answer it to yourself – because everyone is different – how long love, falling in love or infatuation will win over frustration, loss of self-esteem and lack of sex in a relationship or marriage? When a guy gives you a cunnilingus, and you feel that would be better if he licked a little higher or sucked harder, tell him, because he will not guess! You won’t hurt him by telling him about it! It’s not about showing him that he can’t do it, it’s about talking openly about how is better for you. Then your partner’s satisfaction with seeing that you have more pleasure is great and he will want even more. We mostly rely on what we watch in porn and we put it into bed. Sometimes we hit perfect and sometimes we totally miss the partner’s expectations. That’s why you have to open the mouth and talk. Going further, tastes may change over time and you also cannot limit yourself and be afraid to say that you want different now, because of fear that you wanted to do this differently before. This is what giving and receiving pleasure is and getting away from routine. * e.g. sit down and ask your partner “how would you like me to give you a blowjob?” – slower at the beginning? Faster? Gently? Firmly? With a kissing at the beginning? With a testicles licking? Where would you like to finish? (you don’t have to be the best at everything!)

Was it good? Tell your partner about it, let him feel it. Sometimes a few warm words can make a huge difference.

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