April 12, 2024THE END. Owiaks end porn adventure

Whether we want it or not, breakups have been, are and will forever be an integral part of human existence. In the vast majority of cases, unfortunately, they are associated with negative emotions – sadness, emptiness, disappointment or suffering. It is different, however, when we say goodbye to something that has recently been part of our lives in order to take a private or professional step forward – a job, sport club and teammates, an apartment or a car. As we say a final goodbye and shed a sentimental tear, our minds are filled with beautiful memories and unforgettable moments of joy.

David Beckham, Adam Malysz or Khabib Nurmagomedov – outstanding athletes who, one might say, have nothing to do with us, Owiaks Couple. With one small “but”. Each of them left while still at the top. We also decided to do so.

After more than 4 years of an unbelievable adventure in amateur porn on PornHub, which began in 2020, and a bit shorter on XVideos and xHamster, we have decided to end this chapter and stop publishing any new video content on each of the aforementioned platforms.

Over the course of 4 springs, we managed to generate well over 100 million views of our free (and officially published) content, which for this moment puts us in the first position of the most viewed Polish amateur porn creators. To say that we are bursting with pride is like saying nothing at all. We are grateful to each and every person who gave us a chance and hung an eye on any of our home cardio recordings – without you, we wouldn’t be where we are now. We hope we’ve given the people some sensual joy. All the free videos published so far, and there are more than 100 of them, will be available for life on PornHub, XVideos and xHamster. Unless the administrators of any of the portals decide to remove them 🙂

We bow low to you all and say goodbye to amateur porn in the public space.

However, as Mateo has a habit of saying – we only go backwards when we do nothing, so the Owiaks Couple switches into second gear and, with a dose of excitement, invites you to savor at your leisure the library of our exclusive content, regularly updated with new titles at owiaks.club.


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